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Space Tunnels 3D Screensaver

    Get Full Version ($19.95)

Do you want to see what a black hole in space is like on the inside? Hold your breath and get ready for a mesmerizing space adventure! With this Astro Gemini animated screensaver you will travel at the speed of light through a maze of winding 3D tunnels that may bring you to another universe. Use this unique chance to explore the mystery of space. Who knows, maybe you will be lucky to meet some extraterrestrial aliens there. Dynamic music together with a truly colorful setting will make your trip unforgettable.
30 day moneyback guarantee for Space Tunnels 3D Screensaver

30 day
moneyback guarantee


Download Space Tunnels 3D Screensaver  Space Tunnels 3D Screensaver  Download Space Tunnels

  • Full 3D environment
  • High-quality animation
  • Truly colorful graphics
  • Explore the mysteries of space and time
  • Digital Clock
  • FPS counter
  • Embark on an exciting space adventure in the mysterious tunnels!
  • Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
  • Celeron 300 MHz or higher
  • OpenGL-compatible video card
    Get Full Version ($19.95)

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